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actors leading to Digital and Education Divide among Teachers

Masuma Akter, an assistant teacher at a primary school in the remote sub-district of Hatia in Noakhali district, was trying her best to use her knowledge gathered from primary training institute (the institutions training primary school teachers) and make her lessons as interesting and knowledgeable as possible. But she lacked a teacher colleague who could mentor her in the process.

In Bangladesh, the 900,000 plus teachers at more than 120,000 schools and colleges receive formal training at education pedagogy along with pre- and post-training resources. But given the expensiveness of the traditional face-to-face training method, the education administration and teachers do not have option for refresher training. Again, there is no single platform where teachers can share resources and opinions for further professional development during and after training programs. As a result of these factors, a digital and education divide has been widening between teachers, especially the urban teachers and the rural teachers where the latter is regarded as more disconnected and therefore more disadvantaged.

Teachers’ Portal as an Enabler in Peer-to-Peer Learning for Teachers

With the objective of devising a modern supplementary tool to traditional teacher training methods that is more far-reaching and time-efficient and able to make greater use of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration opportunities, a2i has designed and developed an online social platform for school and college teachers called the Teachers’ Portal (www.teachers.gov.bd). This portal allows the teachers registered here to do the following:

  • Voice out opinions, suggestions and concerns regarding education pedagogy, use of ICT in education delivery, and issues related to education delivery system
  • Share multimedia content linked to particular chapters of textbooks used in schools and colleges and related to education delivery
  • Get national recognition based on quality of uploaded content
  • Generate ideas and solve problems of other teachers regarding the use of ICT in education delivery system

The government-approved, peer-to-peer and collaborative learning environment of the Teachers’ Portal allows teachers from schools and colleges living anywhere in Bangladesh equal opportunity to use the portal to converse with other teachers, share content, and search for relevant education content using an intelligent content management system.

Collaboration and contribution of teachers in content creation

Teachers like Masuma Akter can now develop more interesting and engaging lectures using relevant content from Bangladesh’s largest state-owned online educational content repository. To ensure the portal’s sustainability, the government has adopted different strategies like tagging teacher evaluation with content creation to encourage teachers to continuously develop rich and relevant content, directly engaging important government agencies in different roles, and bringing on board different NGOs and INGOs.

As of Jan 2017, more than 184,000 teachers from all over Bangladesh have registered in the portal and can access more than 108,000 content developed by other registered teachers. The target is to bring 350,000 teachers by 2018 and 900,000 teachers by 2021 under this portal in line with the Perspective Plan of Bangladesh (2010-2021).

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Teacher’s Portal

Shimul Rani Das, an assistant teacher of Oshkhali Aliya Model Primary School, woke up in a Friday morning and opened Teacher’s Portal

Teacher’s Portal

Shimul Rani Das, an assistant teacher of Oshkhali Aliya Model Primary School, woke up in a Friday morning and opened Teacher’s Portal (www.teachers.gov.bd) her laptop to check for new updates and contents which has become a habit for her in last couple of years. But this Friday is different as she discovered that she was featured in the home page of the portal as one of the best content creators and her uploaded content was selected as one of the best contents of the week. In addition, her content was downloaded by other teachers and received many positive feedbacks in the comment section. Besides other members of the portal congratulated her for being selected as one of the best content creators in the blog section.

Shimul Rani was overwhelmed with all those appreciations and recognitions and became elated by the fact that finally her dedication and commitment paid off. She recalled her struggle regarding content development, uploading, downloading and how she tackled different barriers like load shedding and low bandwidth. She didn’t even hesitate to go nearby a network tower to find more internet speed. She will remain grateful to all those teachers who provided necessary guidance by pointing out her mistakes and suggesting areas of improvement in her early content making days. Those feedbacks and guidance motivated her to improve her skills and create better quality content.

Teacher’s Portal has provided an online collaborative platform for the teachers of primary, secondary and higher secondary level throughout the country where educational multimedia contents will be stored, accessed and shared without any cost. This shared platform is eliminating knowledge gap and digital divide by widening access to knowledge and opportunities to the teachers like Shimul Rani and facilitating self-driven development to ensure quality education (Goal no 4 of SDG).

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