a2i, using Service Innovation Fund, encourages public offices, private sector organizations, and others to come up with innovative solutions which can ease service delivery to citizens by reducing time, cost, and visit required and improve the overall quality of public services. This effort has already been internationally recognized when two of the completed projects received the “World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) Prize 2016” – the world’s most prestigious prize in the ICT sector.

On 28 September 2016, contracts were signed among innovators and a2i for 30 new projects selected for implementation in the 8th round of Service Innovation Fund. As the chair, the Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office Ms. Suraiya Begum ndc stressed on the importance of collaboration and communication, during and after project implementation, among the innovators, the Chief Innovation Officers/Innovation Officers of the ministries/departments related to the projects, and the designated a2i representatives.

Created jointly by the Government of Bangladesh, UNDP, and USAID, this fund has been managed by the Prime Minister’s Office. Till now, a total of 133 projects have been funded so far covering multiple important sectors of Bangladesh, including education, agriculture, health, land, government service to citizens, government service to businesses, services to assist the disabled, and devices to simplify services and improve standard of living.