On 30 April, 2017 a seminar on ‘‘Breast Cancer Awareness’’ was held at conference room of Prime Minister’s Office by the Joint initiative of Access to Information (a2i) Program, and Roche Bangladesh.

Neelima Akhter, Director (Joint Secretary) of Prime Minister’s Office, was present as the special guest and Dr. Parveen Shahida Akhtar, Professor of Medical Oncology Department, National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital attended the seminar as a keynote speaker. The seminar was held in the presence of nearly fifty (50) women officers of Prime Minister’s Office and a2i program.

In our country, more than one lac twenty two thousand people get affected by cancer and more than ninety one thousand people die. Among them, fifteen thousand women get affected by breast cancer and causes death of more than seven thousand. Day by day its bad consequences are increasing at a very large scale. To diagnose in proper time and appropriate treatment, it is possible to avoid the unexpected deaths from cancer; which will save the country from irreplaceable loss. Diagnosis the cancer in primary stage is comparatively possible if the patient is well aware of this disease. Lack of awareness is present among most of the women in our country. It is important to create awareness about diagnose the cancer at the right time among the higher officials working at state-level. As a part of the ongoing program to aware the women workers in different field level across the country, Roche Bangladesh organized this seminar with the assistance of a2i program for women officers of Prime Minister’s Office.

The keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Parveen Shahida Akhtar has discussed about the awareness of breast cancer and its different aspects. She has focused on the lack of medical conditions and the absence of improved treatment for breast cancer patients in Bangladesh. She stated that after forty years of age, women are at risk of being infected with this disease and men can be infected this. At the end of the ceremony, an open discussion was held with the participants. According to the experts, attend the seminar “A woman can overcome this silent disease by only awareness”. Besides, the earnest cooperation and consciousness of women employees in administration will create a far-reaching effect in the whole country, and able to aware the marginalized women.

Under the sustainable development goal-2030, invasive disease has been adopted as a challenge under Target-3. Bangladesh has been recognized as a role model to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the government has already expressed its determination to achieve this sustainable development goal before 2030. To attain the goal, everybody’s participation and partnerships are important.

Roche being the institution for cancer treatment, research, and diagnostics is serving 250 Million people since last 120 years and providing breakthrough solutions by research. Near about 2.5 million cancer patients have received treatment by this organization. In this consequences, 29 drugs of Roche have been enlisted as essentials drugs by the list of World Health Organization. Since last 20 years, Roche is serving Bangladesh.