Workshop on HDTV/HDM Programme Production Technique

Short Description:

On 29-30 April, 2017 a two days’ workshop on Human Development Television (HDTV/HDM) Programme Production Technique” was organized by the joint initiative of Access to Information (a2i) Programme of Prime Minister’s Office and Bangladesh Television (BTV), Ministry of Information. The aim of the programme is to identify the Programme format, specific content areas and content development for HDTV/HDM Programmes. And provide training on basic Camera (HD format) and Light techniques for covering most of the important contents and component to documentaries. S.M. Haroon-or-Rashid (Add.Secretary) Director General of BTV was inaugurated the programme. Under this collaboration, a total number of 46 Television Programmes, 46 Audio Programmes and 46 Social media Promotional Programmes/ contents will be developed by creative media team from BTV and other sources and Capacity Building of Media Personnel. More than fifty (50) Production Team Members, Camera persons, Producers, Production manager, BTV and Private sectors were participated in this workshop. The workshop was engaged the renowned media professionals, and thematic areas specialists, and senior personnel of a2i in same platform.

Event Venue:

Training room, Head Office Bangladesh Television, Rampura, Dhaka

Event Date:

29 – 30 April, 2017

  • S.M. Haroon-or-Rashid (Add. Secretary) Director General, BTV
  • Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General (Administration) and Project Director of a2i Programme, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Naimuzzaman Mukta, People’s Perspective Specialist, a2i Programme, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Roxana Malek, Additional Secretary (Development), Ministry of Information
  • Surath Kumar Sarker, Deputy Director General, (Programme), BTV
  • Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Deputy Director General (News)
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