Inauguration Ceremony of ‘RITU Programme’ with ‘Best School for Girls’ TV series

Short Description:

On 16 July, 2017 ‘RITU’ programme with  ‘Best Schools of Girls’ TV series was inaugurated by the joint initiative of Access to Information Program (a2i) Programme, Prime Minister’s Office and Red Orange Media and Communication. The objective of this campaign is to make people aware of the school children, their parents, teachers and locals, under the slogan ‘RITU is Normal and Natural’.

The guests of this ceremony, stated that giving accurate information about the menstrual health management of children, breaking all taboos and barriers, will play a significant role in building them as open-minded people, through this RITU campaign. The RITU project has started the journey to make menstrual friendly schools for girls in Bangladesh, which will increase awareness of monthly health management. In addition to this, school based 13-episode educational infotainment program ‘ Best School for girl’s on menstrual hygiene and management’ has developed in Bangladesh for the first time. The program is currently being telecasted on Bangladesh Television (BTV). Later, various activities of ‘RITU Campaign’ will be telecasted in RTV, social media page of a2i, Bangladesh Betar, and Sangshad Television.

Event Venue:

Karabi hall, Prime Minister’s Office

Event Date:

16 July, 2017

  • Nurul Islam Nahid, MP, Minister, Ministry of Education
  • Leoni Margaretha Cuelenaere, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherland
  • Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General (Administration) of Prime Minister’s Office and Project Director of a2i Programme
  • Dr. S M Wahiduzzaman, Director General of Secondary and Higher Education
  • Professor Dr. Abul Kalam, Director General of Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Naimuzzaman Mukta, People’s Perspective Specialists of a2i Programme, Prime Minister’s Office
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