Inauguration Ceremony of e-Training in Primary Education through Muktopaath

Short Description:

On the 14th of December 2016, an inauguration ceremony and an orientation workshop on e-training in primary education through Muktopaath e-learning platform was held in the Karabi Hall, Prime Minister’s Office. It was jointly organized by Access to Information Program (a2i) at the Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME). Advocate Mostafizur Rahman MP, Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education inaugurated the e-training programme. Mr. Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General, Prime Minister’s Office & Project Director, Access to Information (a2i) Programme presided over the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Mohammad Asif-Uz-Zaman, Secretary, MoPME, Mr. Md. Alamgir, Additional Secretary, Director General of DPE, Mr. Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor, a2i, Professor Faruque AHmed, E-learning Specialist, a2i, Mr. Md. Afzal Hossain Sarwar, Policy Specialist, a2i, high officials of MoPME, DPE, and also a good number of media journalists were present in the programme.

Event Venue:

Karabi Hall, Prime Minister’s Office

Event Date:

14th December, 2016

Chief Guest:

Advocate Mostafizur Rahman MP, Hon’ble Primary and Mass Education Minister, People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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