Dutch Queen HM Maxima visited Digital Centre for Financial Inclusion

Short Description:

Dutch Queen HM Maxima visited Rajbari Union Digital Centre, an initiative of a2i programme of the Prime Minister’s Office, supported by UNDP to see how rural people are getting different kinds of service, including banking through digital devices.

The Queen, lauded Bangladesh’s efforts for Financial Inclusion of all poor and rural people, including small entrepreneurs, through digital banking to involve them in the country’s economic growth.

Dutch Queen HM Maxima who has been promoting inclusive finance for development across the globe as special advocate of UN Secretary-General since 2009, appreciated Bangladesh endeavors in promoting mobile banking and said establishment of bank branches in every corner of Bangladesh is very expensive and it’s not possible. Through ensuring insurance, loans and more savings facilities for them, we can give poor people a better and easier life.

Event Venue:

Rajbari Union Digital Centre

Event Date:

18 November, 2015

Chief Guest:

Dutch Queen HM Maxima

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