a2i will speak at the Innovation Labs World 2017 in Singapore

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On 26 September, 2017 Singapore-based GovInsider hosted Innovation Labs World, which was bring together innovators from around the world to discuss public service delivery in the 21st Century. It will unite the public and private sectors to build contacts, learn from each other and create solutions. The representatives from every government department, higher education institutions and healthcare body in Singapore were participated, while hundreds of delegates were attended from countries across Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

The hosts believe that Bangladesh has the potential to lead South-South government innovation and so they have invited a2i to participate in this event. In an interactive panel session on ‘Lessons from the Best of the World’, a2i’s Policy Advisor Mr. Anir Chowdhury was delivered the lessons that a2i has learned over the years in transforming Bangladesh’s civil service with a strong angle on innovation and digitization. In another focus group discussion on ‘Achieving Impact & Legitimacy’ with international delegates, Mr. Chowdhury shared the experience of how a2i has successfully experimented with ‘Empathy training’ and ‘Service Process Simplification’ among civil servants; established ‘Digital Service Access Centres’ to take services to citizens’ doorsteps; launched ‘Service Innovation Fund’ ; and encouraged service re-design innovation pilots across the country.

The 8 main themes of this event included: (i) Digital Government, (ii) Citizen Engagement for Legitimacy, (iii) Data for Policy Decision Making, (iv) Smart & Personalised Learning, (v) Finance, Payments & Trade, (vi) Public Safety, (vii) Ageing Demographics & Healthcare, and (viii) Cyber Security.

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Event Venue:

a2i will speak at the Innovation Labs World 2017 in Singapore

Event Date:

26 September, 2017

  • Pedro Conceição, Director, Strategic Policy, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, United Nations Development Programme
  • Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Office,Bangladesh
  • George Hodge, Trade Portfolio Lead, Pulse Lab, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Radha Chauhan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Digital India, India
  • Nadine Smith, Global Marketing and Communications Director, Centre for
    Public Impact, a BCG foundation
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