a2i achieved two International Awards


Short Description:

On 8 February, 2017 Access to Information (a2i) Programme of the Prime Minister’s Office has achieved ‘PRESIDENT’S AWARD’ participating in international competitions ‘National Portal Framework’ in Bangalore, India. a2i also received ‘AWARD OF DISTINCTION’ for ‘Office Information and Service Framework’ and ‘Land Information and Service Framework’. The awards were handed over to a2i officials in the Event ‘Open Group India Conference and 2017 Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Enterprise Architecture’. Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General (Administration) and Project Director of a2i Programme; received the award on behalf of a2i, Bangladesh.The awards were given in recognition of the availability of public service to the people. In this collaboration, E-Service Director Dr Mohammad Abdul Mannan; IT Manager Mohammad Arfe Elahi; E-Service Expert Ashraful Amin, Domain Expert Mst. Sheren Shobnom and Senior Software Engineer Md. Hafijur Rahman from a2i were also present.

It is worthy to mention that, a2i has dedicated the award to the martyrs (who commemorate protests and sacrifices to protect Bengali as a national language during the Bengali Language Movement of 1952).

Event Venue:

Bangalore, India

Event Date:

08 February 2017


Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General (Administration) and Project Director of a2i Programme

Dr Mohammad Abdul Mannan (E-Service Director)

Mohammad Arfe Elahi (IT Manager)

Ashraful Amin (E-Service Expert)

Mst. Sheren Shobnom (Domain Expert)

Md. Hafijur Rahman (Senior Software Engineer)

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