A Press Conference titled “Bangladesh Partnering with Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Data for Health Initiative”


Short Description: 

Bangladesh is one of 18 countries partnering with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health initiative, an initiative that will improve Bangladesh’s ability to gather and analyze important public health data and make informed decisions on finding ways to help improve public health. In Bangladesh, the Data for Health initiative will focus on facilitating the establishment and functioning of an Office of the National Registrar for Births and Deaths, Improving Completeness of Birth &Death Notifications, Introduction of VA to determine CoD where there is no medical certificate, introducing International Form of Medical Certificate of CoD and CoD Training in Hospitals, conducting training of appropriate staff in ICD-10 coding and Capacity Building for Vital Statistics.

Event Venue:

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

Event Dates

22 June, 2016

Special Guests:

Md. Nazrul Islam, Country Coordinator of CRVS

Kabir Bin Anwar, Director General (Administration) of Prime Minister’s Office & Project Director of a2i

Professor A K Azad, Additional Director General (Admin), Directorate of Health Services

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