On 14 September 2017, the program “Reviewing E-Service Roadmap 2021 Implementation Plan” was organized by the joint initiative of Cabinet Division and Access to Information (a2i) Programme of the Prime Minister’s Office to make government services more easy. Md. Shafiul Alam, Honorable Cabinet Secretary was present as the chief guest at the program. Md. Ziaul Islam, Honorable Secretary of Planning Division and Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor of a2i Programme, were present as special guest. N.M Ziaul Alam, Honorable Secretary of the Cabinet Division (Coordination and Reform) was chaired the program with coordination by Mr. Farhad Zahid Sheikh, Innovation Specialist of a2i Programme.

In order to make govt. services more efficient, friendly, easy and effective, concerned Ministries and Departments have taken initiatives to convert their services from existing traditional service system, Under the Annual Performance Agreement.  In this regard, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Mohammed Shafiul Alam advised that every department convert one service into e-service yearly and increase the capability of ICT division and BCC data center. He further said that the officials of the ICT Cell departments could be made more efficient in implementing the e-service in collaboration with a2i. By creating 223 e-services, citizens will be able to get faster and accurate services. The cabinet secretary was gave order to every ministry will review the progress of works in frequent time within three months and to implement it quickly.

Cabinet Division and a2i jointly organized Planning formulation workshop on “E-service Roadmap-2021” in 7 batch. By participating in this workshop, the concerned Ministries and Offices analyzed Citizen’s Charter and all the activities to make plans for all Implementable and Prioritized e-services by 2021. 150 officers of 48 ministries / departments participated in this planning workshop on “e-service roadmap-2021” in 7 Batch, analyzed 809 services of their offices, and successfully been able to formulate plans for implementing 223 e-services.

In continuation of this, In order to quick implement the e-service roadmap formulated by various service providers and service receivers, 34 people-friendly e-services design and implementation plans have been prepared from 1 and 2. Categories E-services under priority base List through the demands of the departments.

To consider peoples sufferings to receive the existing services, their dreams, expectations have highlighted in e-service design. As a result of this, the service receivers have played  role in the formation of Digital Bangladesh on the other hand they have been able to create e-service designs on their own demand; which is opening a new door  for service delivery.

Among others, 32 Manpower Secretaries from E-Service Roadmap 2021 and Ministry of Design, Planning and Planning; Head of Department (Director General / Chairman / MD) from 60 Department and Cabinet Division, ICT Division, BCC and senior officials from a2i Program were present.