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a2i gets featured regularly in the news media for its remarkable contribution in building a Digital Bangladesh. Daily packages of news stories, features, expert interviews and op-eds published in leading newspapers and online news portals are carefully tracked, organized and preserved on the a2i website and updates are made on a regular basis.

a2i produces TV programs and video contents highlighting a wide range of its ICT based e-services including awareness building documentaries and dramas on Digital Centres, TV reality shows on local farmers, digital innovation programs, a2i talks, news etc. The flagship programs of a2i are aired mostly on state-owned Bangladesh Television (BTV) and BTV World with support from Human Development Media.

To bring information of all community radio channels under one web platform a2i assisted to create portal  for 14 community radios across the country.These community radios have involved local people to develop and broadcast programmes on agriculture, information, health, education and public services to improve the standard of living in rural areas. Apart from community radio, a2i also creates and airs an array of programs, commercials and featured news in state-owned Bangladesh Betar and multiple popular FM radios.

The press release section of a2i produces an array of essential materials for the print and electronic media and the general public in English, including comprehensive summaries of official meetings and conferences as well as backgrounds on various issues and events and other information products.

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