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 citizen’s perspective on the need for easy access to government forms

Rahima Khatun, a housewife, hailing from shyamnagar upazilla, Satkhira, has become pregnant for the second time around. She already has a large family of 8 members and she tries to run the family by doing household chores in the affluent neighborhood. But being pregnant at this poverty-driven family, it has become almost impossible for her to work nowadays. From the neighbors she knew about government allowances for the poor pregnant mothers, but it was a lengthy procedure involving several visits and matter of ‘speed-money’ even to get the application form for the allowances. She was at a loss about what to do and how to do it. At that time, the female entrepreneurs at the Union Digital Centre, hearing about her miseries, told her about the Bangladesh Forms Portal from where she can fill-up the application form without any cost and unnecessary visit. She took the help of the entrepreneurs to fill-up the form and within few days, she started to get the allowance, bringing her a must needed respite in her difficult days. Now she can take care of her health without being stressed about the next meal on her family’s plate. She has even started advocating about the usefulness of Bangladesh Forms Portal website to the other women in her community so they can access all the services and information they need easily from one single place at the vicinity of their homes.

Key features of Bangladesh Forms Portal

The “Bangladesh Forms” (Forms Portal) is a one stop web address with all sorts of Government Forms downloadable, downloadable in one click. In most cases, access to government services starts with collecting a form, completing it with the relevant information, and submitting it along with related documents, photographs of the applicants and necessary fees.

From the citizens’ point of view, collecting the form is a tedious and time consuming job in itself. The Forms section of the National Portal has been created to alleviate unnecessary distress of the citizens, arising from a lack of access to necessary government forms, through a single web address.

Currently, there are more than 1,500 downloadable forms which are subject to automatic update if, and when, any modification takes place through official notifications. The forms have been arranged in 20 categories, some of the most prominent ones being: finance, law, employment, agriculture, education, land, local government, postal and telecommunications, health and other miscellaneous areas

In addition to containing information about popular forms, the portal has unique features such as

  • Arrangement according to category and search options available for quick service.
  • Downloadable and editable forms for easy service.
  • Auto-update of forms by the concerned ministries or departments.
  • Tracking of Online Application by SMS
  • Monitoring mechanism by higher authorities for online application status
  • Increased accountability and transparency in providing service
  • Reduction in TCV (Time-86%, Cost-70% & Visit-70%) for customers in availing service

The Forms Portal ensures the citizens’ right to information and is compliant with the RTI Act, allowing the government to implement proactive information disclosure mandated by the RTI Act.



Multimedia Classroom

A buzz can be heard from a classroom, with 60 students organized in 10 groups as Mr. Abdus Salam is constantly in motion and moving around in the classroom, encouraging students to engage in peer and group discussions to raise questions and, at the same time, discuss among themselves on the given topic as a team. The students are conversing among themselves and noting down their queries to submit later. Mr. Salam then starts to demonstrate the topic with a PowerPoint presentations and video on a large screen. Now students have visual clues and they are arguing among themselves as most of the questions were answered during the lesson facilitated by multimedia componets. Finally, through this group-learning exercise, students are widening their extent of curiosity, which is evident from their commotion composed of arguments, giggles and joys of learning.

Mr. Salam, after concluding the class, reminisced his past experiences about taking class without the help of multimedia contents. This exact classroom used to be a dry and routine classroom which can be considered as one-way teaching technique since students failed to engage themselves and were not responsive as well as attendance of the class was not satisfactory.

Multimedia Classroom initiative by Access to Information (a2I) Programme has enabled this new dimension and reversed the order of the teaching-learning method by making a student-centered learning environment that promotes effective, participatory and creative atmosphere inside the classroom.

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