Service Innovation in the Land Sector

Nurturing and encouraging pro-people service delivery reform in the land sector

Engaging and inspiring civil servants, especially those serving in the land sector, to cause pro-people service delivery reform in their services. Show more


overnment of Bangladesh provides various services to land-owners to enable them to maintain rightful possession of their land. For example, it prepares land ownership records by conducting on-field survey, makes changes to those records on account of transfer of land, provides for registration of various kinds land transfer deed etc.

Involvement of the Government

Government also makes its own land available for use by its citizens. For example, it provides it on lease, hands it over to the landless free-of-cost, make it available as market place etc.  All these are among the more than 50 kinds of services the Government provides to its citizens concerning land.

Service delivery in land sector entails a lot of harassment for the citizens. Land offices are located at far-away administrative headquarters where citizens are forced to go, often several times, to seek services. The prevailing antiquated, often disorganized, management of records on paper in these offices often leave the records torn, untraceable or lost. Brokers often obstruct citizens’ direct passage to the office.

Impetus among civil servants

a2i has been able to create an impetus among civil servants for citizen-centric innovation in service delivery procedures of land offices. Civil servants began to come up with solutions to appease the citizens’ harassment. Mr. Sarwar, a civil servant who leads a sub-district level land office, came up with an SMS facility imbedded software that has simplified petition disposal process. Mr. Md. Ali Akbar who is a district-level civil servant developed an automated electronic system for handing over compensation money in the event of taking away someone’s land by the government for public interest.

Mr.Abul Bashar M Fakhruzzaman who is a chief executive of a sub-district came up with an easy solution for managing properties vested in the government. Mr. B. M. Masiur Rahman, another civil servant who also chairs a sub-district level land office, came up with an online system to assess and collect land revenue.

Support for potential innovative initiatives

a2i has opened up a challenge-fund called SIF (Service Innovation Fund) to get potential initiatives going.  The above initiatives are the ones that have received funding from a2i’s SIF. But, there were many more that could not receive such funding.

Beyond a2i

Civil servants in the land sector are these days showing eagerness to make pro-people reform in the service delivery procedure. Among them we have seen several initiatives for digitizing record-of-right correction procedure, digitizing the record-of-rights, notice delivery through SMS etc. Mr. Shahadat, Kabir who heads a sub-district land office in Poba in Rajshahi district left the confine of his office room and constructed an open shelter in front of his office building to hear cases and complaints in full view of people to ensure transparency and citizen-centricity. Now, the government is encouraging all sub-district level land offices to follow his example.

Leading by example

a2i by its own initiative has developed a host of digital systems for implementation in the land sector. It has been able to create a scenario where many innovative solutions on the service delivery procedure in the land sector are sprouting inside and outside a2i.

Cases and Stories

Land information services thorough mobile apps

Despite of the fact that land is valuable asset to the people, most people even educated person do not have proper idea about the land laws and…

Land information services thorough mobile apps


Despite of the fact that land is valuable asset to the people, most people even educated person do not have proper idea about the land laws and land related aspects. Lack of proper knowledge of land or land service process people sometimes fall into trouble. In order to get the required information or to know which papers are needed or to know about the land service process, people need to visit land office or lawyers several times. In many cases they are cheated by broker or other person and lose money. For all of these reasons service recipients have to face financial, physical and psychological hassles.


To provide knowledge about the land laws and guidance about land related issues a land information based Mobile Application named vumi seba (ভূমি সেবা) has been developed. From this application beneficiaries will able to know about Citizen’s Charter (Service Delivery Charter), what to do about mutation and various miss case, vested property (A & B tofshils) information, what to do before  land purchasing & after purchasing, how to identify false deed & what to do in this regard, what things land owners should must know, Rate of Land Development Tax, rent certificate case, Muslim and Hindu succession act, registration act in a brief, Jolmohal-Hatbazar Khasland lease information, land related other various Service Process, meaning of land related words with explanation, Land measurement, Citizens Right to Information about land, Contact no. of Ministry of Land with subordinate board, directorate including AC(Land) No.(Whole Bangladesh),Various office memorandum, circular, gazettes etc. Besides these service recipients can put their valuable opinion, complain that will be delivered to the concerned authority for action. Overall, all relevant information and instruction that what to do and how to do for land issues are available in this app. Besides all of this information, every two month later, latest land related government circular containing with newly included land topics/law and elaboration of existing topics will be uploaded in this app in order to inform the people about the latest issues of land.


One of the most important aspects of this mobile application is, it is easy to install and use. One can find, it easily from Google play store by searching with name vumi seba (ভূমি সেবা) or by going to the link  then can get information by installing it from anywhere of the world. Thus, in a general case now people do not need to visit land offices, lawyers to get their required information. As a result, it increases citizen satisfaction by saving a lot of time and money as well as reduces the role of brokers existing in this service.

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