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Bringing order to the judicial system of Bangladesh

Developing user-oriented quality web portal services for judiciary of Bangladesh making the judiciary system more transparent, responsive, efficient, and accessible. Show more


t the beginning of 2009, an emerging era of digitization had arrived in Bangladesh with the promise to transform public service delivery and the relationship between government and the citizens. The advent of e- governance information and services through national portal of Bangladesh has brought increasing focus on the need to develop user-oriented quality web portal services for judiciary of Bangladesh which is one of the three organs of the state. So many years after its inception, the national portal demonstrated national leadership in Bangladesh for an integrated approach towards making e- government services more accessible. In this context as a challenge to connect with the citizens who are taking services from judicial system, including those in the most remote areas, a2i decided to build a judicial portal, cause list management system and monitoring dashboard.

Justice at citizen’s doorsteps

The portal is originally designed to enhance efficiency of judicial system and transparency, to deliver better services for citizen in terms of his choice, options and rights and to overcome the huge back logs of cases and services within the judiciary of Bangladesh. With the introduction of judicial portal, the justice seekers including the disadvantaged, women and disabled will get judicial information and services more easily. Citizens can now access information about potential lawyer pool and hence have more options to choose from, and even find out their notary public. Since Judicial Portal is the mother of all portals, the portal of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, all district court portals, and other judicial institutes’ portals can be navigated from this single portal. It will save their time, cost and visit for getting judicial information and services.

Cause list management system

Cause list management system is intended to disseminate necessary information of a case. The party can get the next date of his case along with the summary of order and judgement provided by the court on the respective case from the system. At the same time the system will generate message to his cell phone about next date of his/her case.  It will plug into the portal of each district court which will ultimately help to ensure access to justice.

Judicial Dashboard

Judicial dashboard is another initiative which will help to monitor the performance of judges by higher authorities which will help enhance the performance of judges. The long pending cases can be tracked by the top administration of judiciary by using this system. The party who is struggling for years can lodge complains to the top administration about backlog. On the basis of that the monitoring authority can view the progress of a case and also find out the underlying reason behind the delay along with necessary instructions to dispose it within shortest possible time.

Way forward

The ultimate beneficiaries of the judicial portal, cause list management system and monitoring dashboard will be the citizens of Bangladesh, in particular, the poor and the marginalized groups along with other stakeholders. The judiciary will be the direct beneficiaries who will be capacitated to provide efficient and effective access to a remedy as well as become a strengthened pillar of the state. The impacts and benefits of a more efficient and accessible judiciary will facilitate good governance, poverty reduction and create confidence in the investment climate of the country.

Cases and Stories


Increasing the Activity of Women Prevention Cell

General people of the Kotchandpur had no idea about the activities of the Upazila Violence Against Women Prevention Cell. Few people knew about it. As a result…

Increasing the Activity of Women Prevention Cell


General people of the Kotchandpur had no idea about the activities of the Upazila Violence Against Women Prevention Cell. Few people knew about it. As a result, few complains came at the cell. Moreover, to resolve those few complains reached  at the cell, numerous bureaucratic complexities arose such as for sending notice to the convict by mail, many times it did not reach at the proper time. Consequently, convict remained absent at hearing time of the case and sometimes took the advantage of this manual process by remaining intentionally absent.


To reduce the violence against women a strategy has been taken by the Upazila Violence Against Women Prevention Cell that, instead of waiting for any complain to reach at the cell the officers of the cell go to the victims instantly after hearing any event of violence against women to provide necessary support. With a purpose of preventing the occurrence of violence, area based committee has been formed by the cell for collecting information about the violence with the assistance of these committee to take necessary action.

Also for ensuring the presence of complaints and accused on hearing, both of them are informed about hearing location, time and date through their cell phones. In cases police help have been taken where accused were refused to come.

In addition, to eradicate violence against women from the root of the society and to motivate people to play a preventive role against it, numerous awareness rising programs such as campaigns, workshops and meetings have been arranged with school teachers, local representatives, imam, NGO workers and mass people.


This pilot project is able to raise public awareness for changing the negative attitudes, beliefs and values toward women and children. Thus a positive attitude towards the women in the society has been built. Moreover, it helps women to feel secure and builds a belief among the mass people that women are not vulnerable and perpetrator can’t escape from the eyes of law. As a result, the rate of violence against women has reduced by 46% on that locality.

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