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A repository of information of citizen-centric govt. services

Containing detailed information about citizen-centric services of various govt. organizations – a lighthouse for the service-seekers. Show more


nformation is Power

‘Which office should I go?’ ‘How will I receive this service?’ – these are the common questions of citizens. Citizens mostly live in oblivion about govt. services until they need them. So, when the need arises they try to wake up from the slumber. But, who is gonna tell them what services to get from where? There is none who has such omniscience. There lies the need of a space or a place where citizens can turn to get information about govt. services.

Every single information required to make a decision

a2i developed Service Portal, also known as “Shebakunja”, to meet the need. It contains detailed information about citizen-centric services of various govt. organizations. Citizens can also find here process-maps of each of those services. Every process map is a drawing of a service-process-path with information about serving persons and time needed in each step of the process.   Citizens by looking into it can get a summary of every service – required time, number of steps, number of persons involved in the process etc. The portal also contains information about expenses, acts and rules of the services and to whom aggrieved service-seekers can complain.

A guide for the government service providers

Service Portal is now serving as lighthouse for citizens about govt. services. Before going for a service they can easily consult this portal. At the website, 400 of all the information regarding the different ministries, departments, initiatives in district and division level have been presented. The information is presented systematically, using a top down approach, for example: Ministry, Division, District, town and so on. The information provided includes services the government provides and the relevant laws, processes, expenses and process times. This is intended to brief citizens regarding what they want to know without having to go the ministry office.

To provide better service to the citizens of Bangladesh through better technology, the a2i has also created 36 distinct “Service Profiles” to cover all the major services provided by the Bangladesh government.

One of the biggest

With detailed information on four hundred and fifty services from forty ministries and agencies in one location, the Services Portal is surely one of the biggest and richest governernment information repository in the entire world. It continues to serve as the one stop destination for millions of citizens around the country, and has revolutionized the way vital information is shared and exchanged among them, who had traditionally always been excluded from such services


An Easy Access to Registration Related Information

Registration related information was not available to the general people. They had to suffer a lot to get information which made them reluctant towards…

An Easy Access to Registration Related Information


Registration related information was not available to the general people. They had to suffer a lot to get information which made them reluctant towards receiving information. The causes of their suffering are:

  • Traditional complex process
  • Official hassles due to absence of specific source to provide required information
  • Presence of middle man who misguided people for the benefit of themselves


To make the information available to everyone, registration related information have been uploaded on Upazila Web Portal. As well as, to simplify the information access process some other initiatives have been taken such as,

  • Union Information & Services Centre (UISC) entrepreneurs have been trained on the subject for providing necessary and correct information to the beneficiaries
  • A guideline board and help desk have been established in the office for providing information directly


Time, cost and visit for this service, on an average, reduced by 66%, 80%, and 66% respectively. In addition, this project helps to provide accurate information to service recipients and reduces the activity of the middle man. Basically, it ensures a quality service which is desirable to the beneficiaries.

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