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angladesh’s development miracle: From MDGs to SDGs

Bangladesh has been lauded by the United Nations as well as the international development community as the epitome for socio-economic gains achieved under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The country has moved up to ‘low middle income’ status but, more importantly, by human development indicators, achieved a level of development commonly predicted for twice its per capita income. Widely regarded as a successful development laboratory, Bangladesh is well positioned to emerge as a global thought leader with regard to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Need for quality and timely data to facilitate informed decision making and targeted resource allocation

Realizing this ambition rests largely on informed decision making and targeted resource allocation. Regular monitoring and evaluation of development interventions facilitate continuous improvement of their designs and thus enhance their potential to make impact. However, the availability of quality, accessible and timely data is a challenge for Bangladesh.

Purpose behind development of the SDG Tracker

a2i in collaboration with the Planning Commission, National Statistics Office, relevant ministries, civil society organizations and development partners initiated the development of the SDG Tracker to:

  • Create a data repository for monitoring the implementation of various activities directed towards achievement of the SDGs as well as other national development goals;
  • Facilitate the tracking of progress against each goal and target;
  • Improve situation analysis and performance monitoring;
  • Create an environment of healthy competition among various organizations in terms of achieving the SDGs; and
  • Enable predictive analysis for achieving the goals within the set time-frame.

The SDG Tracker is therefore intended to create an online data repository for accurately monitoring implementation of various activities in line with the SDGs leading to efficient resource allocation and effective policy making for inclusive and sustainable development. Based on the goals, targets and indicators declared as part of the SDGs, several analysis have already been conducted to identify data sources and gaps along with the system’s requirement.

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