Development Monitoring System

Ensuring better development outcomes through more accurate and timely reporting

Enable effective monitoring by top policy makers of the development progress of Bangladesh’s 300 electoral constituencies through a system that enables field level government officers to provide accurate and timely data. Show more


hallenges of paper-based reporting systems

The citizens of Bangladesh can ill afford the lack of transparency and accountability in how local development projects of all 300 electoral constituencies of the country are managed. Implementing agencies of all ministries rely on archaic, paper-based systems for collecting and reporting data. Not only does this cause delays and hamper effective monitoring, the information available is aggregated meaning it is not possible to assess the development status of individual constituencies.

Empowering field offices through a new management system supported by an online platform

Improving local development and service delivery requires informed decision making and resource allocation by policy makers. It is also vital to introduce systems that enable government officers at the field level to collect and report relevant information accurately, efficiently and timely.

a2i introduced Bangladesh’s first ever online ‘Constituency Based Development Monitoring System’ to track and manage the ongoing development activities under every constituency involving public representatives along with the local and central administration.


Figure: Constituency based development monitoring system workflow

Data on development activities are entered into the system directly through field level government agency offices in each constituency under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. This ensures timeliness of the data. Moreover, comparative analysis and triangulation with data collected through the traditional channels of the directorates across constituencies is also possible.

Empowering policy makers to ensure better development outcomes

The Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Division, Ministry of Planning and other ministries as well as members of Parliament can monitor the development activities of constituencies quite easily through a dashboard. Thus, the system facilitates effective management and plays an important role in the formulation of policy decisions to ensure uniform development throughout the country. This initiative is directly aligned with goals 10, 16 and 17 of the SDGs and has a strong linkage with the ‘Development Results Framework’ of Bangladesh’s 7th Five Year Plan.

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