A Gateway to Better Teachers

Technology is changing the teaching methods around Bangladesh. A digital world surrounds us. We spend much of our time googling for answers. The days of face-to-face teacher-student…

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One small step at a time

Despite commendable performance in a number of economic indicators and although we are gradually but surely moving towards becoming a lower-middle income country, Bangladesh still…

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Dawn of a new era

Rahima Begum had a tough year in 2014. The 45-year old widow lost her only son in a road accident that year. All she had left was just a piece of land she inherited. Come November, the local chairman had…

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Another step to quicker, cheaper livestock service

It has been 16 years. But I still remember the day I saw Abdar. A former textile worker, the father of three from Kurigram had taken to keeping cattle. He was struck with sorrow that day and tears…

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