Judicial Portal Ready to Rock

The judiciary of Bangladesh is bound to change quite drastically given the extent of technological change and its possible applications. The predominantly analogue system that….

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The Story of Cleaning the Heart of Barisal

Jail Khal (canal), known as the Heart of Barisal was facing the problem of illegal encroachment, earth filling, and dumping of waste into its water body for many years. As a result the….

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Unbureaucratising the Mindset

The journey from “What do you want here?” to “How may I serve you?” could not possibly be measured in distance or time since it is all in the mind and might take light years or happen…

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Innovative Bureaucracy in Bangladesh: An Untold Story

Let me begin this piece with an example of an imaginary Dulal Miah from rural Bangladesh to illustrate a transformation in service delivery within the civil service of the country. Even 10 years…

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